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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Posted by: | October 26, 2017 Comments Off on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update |

The Windows 10 fall Creators Update arrived this morning.


After the usual long download, install and then updating bits after I first log on (that last bit is really irritating – thought it was going away) I got into the machine.


First impression is that there are some minor cosmetic changes. Some icons (extensions) appear on the Edge menu bar that I didn’t have before and don’t want now so I have to waste my time undoing changes Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, have imposed on me because they know better than I do how I want to work!  same with automatically adding the People icon to the taskbar. Stop changing my settings!


So what’s in FCU. Unless you’re a developer – on the surface there’s not a lot to be honest.


For Admins



For developers




Having feature updates every 6 months is a great idea but actually getting something useful would be better. Maybe some of the new features in PowerShell v6 being back ported would be a good one.

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