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Windows Server 1709 download problem

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Windows Server 1709 is the first semi-annual update for Windows Server 2016. Just to avoid consistency Microsoft have decided on different naming conventions for the Windows 10 and Windows Server semi-annual updates. The Windows 10 update can be applied over an existing instance of Windows 10 but the server update involves a complete new download. That’s where you might run into the Windows Server 1709 download problem.


Server 1709 is available through the software assurance channels and seems to download OK from there. Its also available to subscribers to MSDN – now renamed myvisualstudio.com for some inexplicable reason – and that’s where the problem comes in.


If you’re running a machine that doesn’t default to US English you’ll get a perpetual loading spinner when you try to access the download on MSDN. This is irrespective of browser – its been reported for Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox.


The answer is to load up the US English language onto your machine and make it the default. May need a restart. You should then be able to download Server 1709.


Microsoft have finally, after over a week of posts from lots of people  finally acknowledged that there is a problem with this download – the other downloads I looked at seemed OK – but haven’t given any time frame for a fix. In the meantime the work around of changing your machine to US English solves the Windows server 1709 download problem.

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