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Dynamic parameters

Posted by: | February 2, 2018 Comments Off on Dynamic parameters |

PowerShell has always been an extensible language meaning that you can add things on, change things and even remove things if required. One way that this extensibility surfaces is dynamic parameters.   A dynamic parameter is a parameter that is available when certain conditions are met. Many of the core cmdlets (about_Core_Commands) have dynamic parameters […]

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CIM_ or Win32_

Posted by: | February 1, 2018 Comments Off on CIM_ or Win32_ |

If you dig into the classes available on a Windows machine you’ll see a mixture of prefixes – namely CIM_ and Win32_ used for the classes. So which should you use CIM_ or Win32_   Lets start by seeing whats available: PS> Get-CimClass -ClassName *Volume*    NameSpace: ROOT/CIMV2 CimClassName ———— Win32_VolumeChangeEvent Win32_VolumeQuota Win32_VolumeQuotaSetting Win32_VolumeUserQuota CIM_StorageVolume Win32_Volume […]

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