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Installing Win32 OpenSSH

I’ve had a number problems Installing Win32 OpenSSH since it became available and required for SSH based remoting in PowerShell v6


Every time I install a new version the instructions have changed. Admittedly the installation is getting easier BUT as the project is still producing beta versions then installing over the top of an existing installation has been necessary and that’s where the problems occur.


Every time I’ve tried to upgrade Win32 OpenSSH I’ve had problems. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to completely remove the old version of OpenSSH and then re-install from scratch. Save the old config file as an easy way to get your configuration back.


OpenSSH is needed for remoting to/from Linux systems and is useful for remoting to non-domain machines. There needs to be a very simple install, configuration and update process that DOESN’T involve messing about with chocolately packages or the ever changing install instructions.

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