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Windows Server 2019 preview

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A Windows Server 2019 preview is available – https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2018/03/20/introducing-windows-server-2019-now-available-in-preview/

The build number is 17623 and its also the preview of the next Semi-Annual Channel release.

GA is set for H2 2018

Server 2019 is a Long term Servicing Channel release meaning it’ll be available in GUI (desktop) and Server Core versions and a full life cycle (10 years is current standard) as opposed to the Semi-Annual Channel releases which are Server Core only and have a 18 month lifetime.

One interesting feature is that this release brings the ability to do an in place OS upgrade from Server 2016 and Server 2012 R2. It doesn’t explicitly say so but I’m assuming from the wording you can’t upgrade Semi-Annual Channel machine

Now for  the bad news. Windows PowerShell is still v5.1

PS C:\Users\Administrator> $PSVersionTable

Name                           Value
—-                           —–
PSVersion                      5.1.17623.1002
PSEdition                      Desktop
PSCompatibleVersions           {1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0…}
BuildVersion                   10.0.17623.1002
CLRVersion                     4.0.30319.42000
WSManStackVersion              3.0
PSRemotingProtocolVersion      2.3

Hopefully there are some bug fixes even if there’s no new functionality.

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