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Iron Scripter 2108

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Iron Scripter 2018 is the scripting competition we’re holding at the PowerShell Summit on 12 April 2018.


The task for the main event is still under wraps but even if you can’t make the Summit you can benefit from the competition.


I’ve posted 10 prequel puzzles on powershell.org. Each puzzle revolves around a task you may need to perform. There is a commentary available for each puzzle (the commentary for puzzle 1o will be published on 1 April). If you’ve not looked at the puzzles there are some very interesting parts of PowerShell you need to dig into to solve them. The commentary discusses how I solved them.


Starting on Sunday 8 April we’ll be publishing 4 preludes to the iron Scripter event on ironscripter.us. These are shorter puzzles that may (or may not) help you solve the main event. We won’t be publishing any commentary on them but there is the iron Scripter forum on powershell.org


Even if you’re not attending Summit get in touch with someone who is and offer remote assistance for the competition itself. Its on 12 April 3-4pm PDT (11-midnight BST).

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