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PowerShell v6.1 preview 2

PowerShell v6.1 preview 2 is now available for download from


The breaking changes shouldn’t affect your code as they’re for telemetry and installation


Test-Connection is now available in v6

Export-FormatData will pretty print the XML rather than just giving you a single string

There’s now a Test-Json cmdlet and a –Not parameter has been added to Where-Object


OpenSSH has moved to but releases are managed through

Confused? So am I.

This may be linked to the fact that OpenSSH is appearing as an optional install in Windows 10 and Windows Server (post v1709) though the server only had the option for the client last time I looked.

The OpenSSH story is becoming more confusing every time I look at it. It needs to be sorted if remoting between Linux and Windows is to become a thing.


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