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Code reviews and Iron Scripter

Posted by: | April 19, 2018 Comments Off on Code reviews and Iron Scripter |

Many organisations use code reviews to help ensure a quality outcome. At the recent PowerShell Summit we ran a scripting competition – Iron Scripter. I’ve had a thought on how code reviews and Iron Scripter have something in common. Something that could lead to a better code review. Iron Scripter involved the attendees splitting into […]

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Positional parameters

Posted by: | April 2, 2018 Comments Off on Positional parameters |

Positional parameters allow you go use a function of cmdlet without specifying the parameter names. The values you supply are assigned to the correct parameters based on their position. If you look at the documentation for PowerShell you’ll see some confusion as to whether position 0 or position 1 is the first assigned position. Hopefully, […]

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