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PowerShell functionality

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PowerShell functionality – in the form of modules – comes from a number of different sources.

These are:

Powershell itself including the Microsoft.PowerShell.* modules and CIM cmdlets

Windows Team – this includes the modules such as NetAdapter, NetTCPIP, Storage that were first introduced with Windows 8 and have been part of all subsequent Windows client and server versions. These modules are often CDXML (CIM based) which means they won’t be found, and can’t be installed, on versions of Windows earlier than Windows 8

Windows feature installs – these modules are installed when you install a windows feature or role such as DNS, AD, IIS or Hyper-V. Many of then are also available as part the RSAT tools. Their presence on your system is dependent on what features are installed.

Modules you have written – totally unique to you

Modules you’ve down loaded from the PowerShell gallery or other repository. Again the presence of a particular module depends on what you’ve downloaded.

Modules from third party vendors – such as NetApp or VMWare. Their presence depends on what you’ve bought and installed.

If you can’t find a cmdlet or module on your system check that its available for that version of windows then check to see where it comes from. You may, depending on the source, be able to download and/or install it.

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