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PowerShell commands

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When you think of PowerShell commands most people think of cmdlets but that’s not the full story.

PowerShell commands encompass:




Native Windows commands

When you type a command name the command types listed above are checked in order to determine the command to run – specifically aliases, then functions, then cmdlets and finally native commands.


If you want to se this in action try

PS> function get-date {get-process}
PS> get-date

And you’ll get a list of processes!


Get-command by default will only show the function! To see all commands

PS> Get-Command get-date -All

CommandType Name
———– —-
Function get-date
Cmdlet Get-Date


You can still execute the cmdlet version:

PS> & (Get-Command get-date -All)[1]

25 June 2018 14:53:43


PS> & (Get-Command get-date -CommandType cmdlet)

by using the call operator & on the cmdlet

or alternatively you can use the module name to qualify the command

PS> Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility\get-date

25 June 2018 14:54:16

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