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New releases of PowerShell v6.x

New releases of PowerShell v6.x are available.

First off v6.0.3 is available. This is a servicing release to update PowerShell v6.0 to use .Net 2.0.8. The primary point of this release is to update to fix the vulnerability discussed in Microsoft Security Advisory CVE-2018-8356: .NET Framework Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability. You ae recommended to upgrade PowerShell v6.0.x to v6.0.3


Secondly, preview 4 for Powershell v6.1 is also available. It has some breaking changes:

Visualbasic support is removed from Add-Type

PowerShell direct tries PowerShell v6.x then drops back to PowerShell v5.1

Powershell v6.1 can start in a folder with a wildcard in its name

Enable-PSRemoting produces configuration names unique for preview releases

CompatiblePSeditions check is enforced for modules from system32 module path (PowerShell v5.1 modules!)



Experimental features are supported

Markdown rendering cmdlets are available

ThreadJob module available

WMI and ADSI accelerators are back


Plus a bunch of minor updates you can see in the release notes

Both releases are available from


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