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PowerShell v6.1.3 install problem

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PowerShell v6.1.3 install problem prevented my from changing the working directory.


The introduction of the –WorkingDirectory parameter pwsh.exe has caused problems – usually forcing PowerShell to ignore any directives in your profile to set a working folder.


In previous versions this was overcome by changing the –WorkingDirectory parameter on the icon. This only worked if I started pwsh.exe as Administrator.


I had to uninstall PowerShell v6.1.3 (I done an install over the top of v6.1.2) and then reinstall and then set the –WorkingDirectory parameter.


Not the best of experiences.


PowerShell v6.2 preview 4 had a better install experience – hopefully the issues from v6.1.3 won’t be copied forward. Between the –WorkingDirectory issue and the issue where an over the top install causes PowerShell to open and immediately close so you have to re-install the recent releases have been less than stellar as far as install and configuration have gone.

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