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Putting user information into computer description

Posted by: | March 22, 2019 Comments Off on Putting user information into computer description |

I was recently asked how to add user information – specifically first and last name – into computer description in Active Directory.

First get your user

$user = Get-ADUser -Identity FredBrown


Then add the information to the computer’s description

Set-ADComputer -Identity W10ProIp -Description “Used by $($user.Givenname) $($user.Surname)”


You need to use the subexpression – $() – syntax to resolve the values rather than getting references to the $user object.


Then test the description has been set

Get-ADComputer -Identity W10ProIp -Properties Description


If it was me I’d add the samAccountName or other unique identifier as name isn’t sufficient to uniquely identify the user

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