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Pro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019

Posted by: | March 31, 2019 Comments Off on Pro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 |

I’ve always maintained that the most important thing about PowerShell is what you can do with it. This is brought out in my book – Pro Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 – https://www.apress.com/gb/book/9781484241158 .


My co-author and I describe how to create and manage a hyper-V environment. We use many PowerShell examples but they’re all in the context of getting your job done.


PowerShell is an important tool for administering your environment but at the end of the day remember the job is administration not fancy code. Your code should be good enough to get the job done and then move to the next task. You can always revisit code and polish it later.

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