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Get-Date -UFormat

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The Get-Date -UFormat parameter formats the date using Unix format. The full list of format specifiers are in the Notes section of the Get-Date help file.

Some examples are:

PS> Get-Date -UFormat ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%:%S%Z’
2019-05-27 20:40:11+01


4 digit year – two digit month and day. Hour in 24 hour format and minutes and seconds and finally time zone as offset from GMT


Date in locale format

PS> Get-Date -UFormat %x

though it shows a US format for a UK locale?


PS> Get-Date -UFormat ‘%A %d %B %Y’
Monday 27 May 2019

day of week – day – Month (full name) 4 digit year.


Between the Format parameter and the UFormat parameter you should be able to get the date information into any format you require

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