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PowerShell 7 roadmap

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It was recently announced that the next version of PowerShell core will be 7.0 not 6.3. The PowerShell 7 roadmap is available at https://devblogs.microsoft.com/powershell/powershell-7-road-map/


The highlights are PowerShell 7 eventually replacing Windows PowerShell but I expect that’ll be 7.x rather than 7.0 as the mechanisms to update PowerShell aren’t in place. The Windows PowerShell modules that currently don’t work with PowerShell core will be updated to work directly in core – no more WindowsCompatibility module. Expect this to happen only on latest Windows 10 and windows server editions.


The PowerShell support life cycle changes to match .NET core


PowerShell 7 to use .NET Core 3.0 which will bring back some of the missing APIs including WPF and WinForms meaning Out-GridView will return on Windows


Three features are explicitly mentioned; – Secure Credentials management, Looging off the box and new version notifications.


Requested features are listed of which the most useful is probably Foreach-Object parallel as a (partial) replacement for workflows.


The opportunity is here for you to comment on RFCs and provide feedback to the PowerShell team. This is your chance to help shape PowerShell 7.

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