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PowerShell v6.2.2

Posted by: | July 16, 2019 Comments Off on PowerShell v6.2.2 |

PowerShell v6.2.2 has just been released.


One breaking change – the Enter-PSHostProcess is disabled when system is in lock down mode.


The jumplist is now created in STA to avoid potential CLR crash


Other changes are around the build process.


These changes shouldn’t have impact on your day to day scripts


PowerShell v6.1.5 has also been released with the same changes.


PowerShell v6.2.0 was released 28 March 2019 so you can expect the v6.1.x family to go out of support at the end of September 2019 assuming the lifecycle is followed. I recommend upgrading to v6.2.2 as soon as you can if you’re still using v6.1.x

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