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Identifying the host

Identifying the host in which your PowerShell code is running could be important. For instance you might not want to run some code that takes a long time to complete in VSCode – you may prefer to ensure it runs in the console as it consumes fewer resources.


You can identify the host – most of the time – using $host


For the PowerShell console – Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core

PS> $host.Name


For ISE – Windows PowerShell

PS> $host.Name
Windows PowerShell ISE Host


For VScode – Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core

PS> $host.Name
Visual Studio Code Host


For the new Windows Terminal – Windows PowerShell or PowerShell Core

PS> $host.Name

If you need to differentiate between the traditional PowerShell console and the new Windows terminal you’ll find that the Windows terminal adds an environmental variable


which takes a value of the form - 407c1756-556e-4df2-97db-c159a616b237

PowerShell Day UK 2019

The PowerShell Day UK 2019 one day conference is on Saturday 28 September 2019 -


I’ll be speaking and willing to answer any PowerShell questions that I can during the breaks.


If you have any books of mine that you want signing – bring them along and I’ll be happy to oblige.