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PowerShell v7 preview 5 experimental features

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PowerShell v7 preview 5 has a number of new, and some modified experimental features. The full list of PowerShell v7 preview 5 experimental features is:

PSCoalescingOperators – – Support the null coalescing operator and null coalescing
assignment operator in PowerShell language

PSCommandNotFoundSuggestion – – Recommend potential commands based on fuzzy search on a CommandNotFoundException

PSErrorView – – New formatting for ErrorRecord

PSForEachObjectParallel – – New parameter set for ForEach-Object to run script blocks
in parallel

PSImplicitRemotingBatching – – Batch implicit remoting proxy commands to improve

PSPipelineChainOperators – – Allow use of && and || as operators between pipeline

PSTernaryOperator – – Support the ternary operator in PowerShell language

PSUpdatesNotification – – Print notification message when new releases are available

Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility.PSGetError – – Enable Get-Error cmdlet that displays detailed information about ErrorRecords included nested objects

Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility.PSManageBreakpointsInRunspace – – Enables -BreakAll parameter on Debug-Runspace and Debug-Job cmdlets to allow users to decide if they want PowerShell to break immediately in the current location when they attach a debugger.

PSDesiredStateConfiguration.InvokeDscResource – – Enables the Invoke-DscResource cmdlet and related features.

Its an interesting set of features that I’ll work through in subsequent posts.

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