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Ad hoc development

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I was having a discussion about how people can learn PowerShell at the recent UK PowerShell day and mentioned ad hoc development. Surprisingly, no-one really knew what I meant.


Ad hoc development is a concept more than a development type. It was used extensively back in the days of PowerShell v1 and v2 but seems to have dropped off the radar these days.


Many people seem to learn the PowerShell language – either from a class or a book – but then don’t have any idea how to put that into practice. This is a failing of our teaching methods. Too many times I’ve seen people asking for help because they’ve dived into trying to create huge complicated scripts, or modules, and don’t have the background knowledge or experience to actually get the code to work.


Ad hoc development is one approach to moving from a basic knowledge of the PowerShell language to coding production level scripts and modules.


The starting point is the command line and working interactively. Use individual cmdlets or even a pipeline of cmdlets. If you find you’re using the same pipeline a lot then save as a script. Later, as you learn more you can parameterise the script, add all the production bells and whistles and even turn it into a module.


PowerShell is a huge beast these days with many parts you probably don’t need to start with. Use what you need now and add to your code as you learn rather then trying to jump right into a big complicated project. In the long run you’ll learn faster and end up getting more done with less frustration.

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