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PowerShell v7 preview 6

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PowerShell v7 preview 6 has arrived – https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/releases

Its the last preview, as the Release candidate should appear next month, so this version is a good indication of what’ll be available in PowerShell v7.


Test-Connection finally works properly and is usable


Some graphical based cmdlets are now available



Get-Help –ShowWindow


A number of other cmdlets return:


Get- , Set-Clipboard  (now cross platform)





Some of these are Windows only as the features don’t exist on other platforms


New experimental features include the null-conditional operators and using non-compatible Windows PowerShell modules in PowerShell core (no more WindowsCompatibility module)


I’ll look at some these in more depth in future posts.

I’ll try and put together a summary of all the major changes between PowerShell v6.2 and v7

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