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Clipboard cmdlets

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The clipboard cmdlets return in PowerShell v7 preview 6

Get-Clipboard and Set-Clipboard are back and according to the release notes work cross platform.

PS> Get-Command Get-Clipboard -Syntax

Get-Clipboard [-Raw] [<CommonParameters>]


PS> Get-Clipboard
Clipboard test


The Raw parameter makes Get-Clipboard ignore new line characters and get the entire contents of the clipboard.

PS> Get-Clipboard -Raw
Clipboard test

Clipboard test2


Putting values onto the clipboard:

PS> Get-Command Set-Clipboard -Syntax

Set-Clipboard [-Value] <string[]> [-Append] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [<CommonParameters>]


PS> Set-Clipboard -Value ‘new clipboard’ –Append

PS> Get-Clipboard -Raw
Clipboard test

Clipboard test2
new clipboard


The clipboard can be cleared – more or less – with a blank string

Set-Clipboard -Value ‘ ‘


On Linux, Set-Clipboard requires the xclip utility to be in the path.

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