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PowerShell v6

PowerShell on Linux

An introduction to PowerShell v6 on Windows, mac and Linux is available here

Well worth a read if you haven’t looked at PowerShell v6 yet

PowerShell v6 beta

PowerShell v6 has reached a significant milestone – the release of the first PowerShell v6 beta version. There have been 18 releases of alpha code since August 2016 when the open source PowerShell v6 project started.

There is no indication of how many beta releases there will be before PowerShell v6 is ready to ship.

Code is available from


PowerShell v6 enables remoting over SSH between Linux and Windows machines. You can use remoting over SSH in any of these scenarios:

Windows - Linux
Linux - Windows
Windows - Windows
Linux – Linux


You can also establish traditional WinRM remoting sessions and send commands to a mixture of WinRM and SSH based sessions.

SSH connectivity is established using OpenSSH

A couple of new initiatives around OpenSSH need widespread participation.

First off – OpenSSH security testing

The PowerShell Team is getting OpenSSH production ready and as part of that are arranging for security testing. Details of how you can be involved are available from:


Secondly – installing OpenSSH involves a significant number of manual steps. An OpenSSH Universal Installer is available for testing