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Call for topics closing 1 October

The call for topics is closing 1 October at 23:59 GMT. We’ve had a fantastic set of submissions. Creating an agenda for the 2018 Summit is going to be very difficult because we’ve had so many fantastic sessions submitted and I don’t have enough slots to  take them all.


The call for topics is hosted by – highly recommended – and the cut off is automatic.



PowerShell Summit 2018: Call for topics

The call for topics for the PowerShell and DevOps Summit 2018 is now open -

We’re looking for sessions (45 or 105 minute) that span the whole range of PowerShell usage and knowledge PLUS sessions on DevOps  practices.

This is your opportunity to speak at the premier PowerShell event of 2018.

Topics for PowerShell Summit 2018

The planning for Summit 2018 has started – to be honest it started before Summit 2017 opened. We’ve reached the stage where we need to start thinking about the broad topics for PowerShell Summit 2018.

What do you want to hear about? Not the session titles, content and speakers but the broad areas of content you want us to include. We can’t actually promise to cover everything requested because we’re dependent on whats submitted when we open our call for topics towards the end of the month.

Looking at the agenda for Summit 2017 we had these very broad groups

PowerShell tool making
DSC and DSC resources
PowerShell Github repository
PowerShell v6
Testing - Pester
PowerShell Functions
PowerShell v6
PowerShell on Linux
PowerShell modules
Regular Expessions
Powershell Jobs, Workflows and runspaces
Nano server
PowerShell cmdlets - compiled and script

Are there any we should drop? Is there a topic we should include – this far out we can commission a specific expert speaker to cover a topic if required. This is your opportunity to help shape Summit 2018. Let us know what you think

PowerShell Summit 2017 thoughts

2017 saw our largest Summit to date. 250 PowerShell fanatics (I use the word advisedly) descended on Bellevue Washington. The conversations had already started when I arrived at the hotel on the Friday night before the Summit!

We had a planning meeting for Summit 2018 on the Saturday. Some good ideas came from the meeting that we’ll share in a little while. If you thought this year was good next year will amaze you.

The Summit opened on Sunday with 3 hour Deep Dives morning and afternoon. During the morning I discovered that the issues Delta airlines were having was causing problems for speakers travelling to the Summit. In the end we only had one speaker unable to reach the Summit. We have a plan to mitigate any future issues with speaker drop outs that we’ll be implementing for Summit 2018 and later (yes we do plan more than a year in advance).

Monday saw the PowerShell team presenting on PowerShell now and in the future with team members showing what they’re working on now!

Tuesday and Wednesday morning saw some amazing standard length sessions and the first outing for the Three Furies of PowerShell – who knows they may appear again sometime.

Wednesday afternoon saw the Community Lightning Demos – everything I’ve heard says it was amazing – I was moderating 2 panel discussions. We also had some longer technical sessions.

I saw a large number of people I recognised from previous Summits. I asked why they came back and consistently received two reasons:

- the high level of the technical content

- the ability to talk to speakers, MVPs, team members and other attendees about their PowerShell problems and get answers to those problems

Be assured we’ve taken those 2 things on board and are committed to preserving those aspects of the Summit.

A huge thanks to the speakers, the PowerShell team and the attendees for making a fantastic Summit. A little while to reflect and catch my breath and then its time to dive into the work for next year

Summit 2017–one week to go

With one week to go before travelling to Seattle for the 2017 PowerShell & DevOps Summit I’m putting the finishing touches to my presentations and the Summit organisation.

The agenda was published last October but we’ve had to make a few changes recently to cover for speakers that have dropped out. Check out the final version before deciding on the sessions you’ll attend.

We’ve already started planning the 2018 Summit – more details will come later – but we think you’ll like what we’re planning. All your favourite Summit features and more.

If you’re going to the Summit don’t forget to sign up for the Lightning Demos – your chance to speak and share your discoveries.

PowerShell Summit 2017–Community Lightning Demos

Early Summits, and their precursors – the PowerShell Deep Dives – featured Lightning rounds where attendees had 10 minutes or so to present something PowerShell related – a tip, trick, discovery, cool piece of code, new technique etc etc etc …


Summit 2017 brings that concept back. If you’re attending Summit, and if not why not, and you want to be involved check out and sign up.

Full Summit agenda available

The full agenda – including the PowerShell team sessions – is now available on the event web site - -

This is our biggest ever Summit. We’ve sold out for this year and are already making plans for next year’s Summit. Look for more information later in the year.


Wanted one nice kind PowerShell community member to buy the last lonely ticket for the 2017 PowerShell and DevOps Summit.


That’s right we have one place left. And its definitely the last. if you want it – better hurry.

PowerShell Summit 2017 – – more seats available

After selling out in record time we’ve managed to squeeze a few more seats in after discussion with the conference centre.


Those seats are live now.


They are very definitely, the absolute last set of seats we’ll be able to add this year.


First come – First served. When they’re gone – they’re gone

PowerShell Summit 2017–sold out

We sold the last seat for the 2017 Summit - yesterday.


If, and its a very big if, more seats become available we'll notify you though the event web site and on