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Unavailable modules

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Another question on the powershell.org forum centred on modules not available on down level versions of Windows – in this case the SmbShare module.

A large number of modules were introduced with Windows server 2012 (many are also available on Windows 8). Over 60% of this new functionality is created using CDXML. A WMI class is created to do the work. Calls to the class are wrapped in XML and the subsequent file can be published as a PowerShell module.

These are easy to spot as they have a .CDXML extension.

If you are having problems with a module that doesn’t appear to be on Windows Server 2008 R2 or earlier – check the file extension in the module folder on a Windows Server 2012 (R2) system– if its CDXML the WMI class almost certainly won’t be available on the earlier versions of Windows.

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The Windows Server blog has an announcement, and download link, for WMF v5. 


The headline items are OneGet and cmdlets for managing network switches that conform to the Certified for Windows Network program.

OneGet is a way to discover, and install, software packages. In this release you can search for and install software from Chocolatey repositories.

There are also some fixes and enhancements to DSC to improve performance.

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