Microsoft has relased LimitLogon v1.0.

LimitLogin v1.0

LimitLogin is an application that adds the ability to limit concurrent user logins in an Active Directory domain.

It can also keep track of all logins information in Active Directory domains.

LimitLogin capabilities include:

  • Limiting the number of logins per user from any machine in the domain, including Terminal Server sessions.


  • Displaying the logins information of any user in the domain according to a specific criterion (e.g. all the logged-on sessions to a specific client machine or Domain Controller, or all the machines a certain user is currently logged on to).


  • Easy management and configuration by integrating to the Active Directory MMC snap-ins.


  • Ability to delete and log off user session remotely straight from the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in.


  • Generating Login information reports in CSV (Excel) and XML formats.


LimitLogin grants System Administrators, Help Desk staff or any other IT-related personnel the ability to quickly query for any user logged on to the domain and view the machines they’re currently logged on to, while enabling the above list of features and management tasks to be performed on those user sessions.

LimitLogin Setup Components

LimitLogin set-up is combined of three different components: IIS (Web Service), Active Directory and Client.

The set-up should be done in this order since there are dependencies between the components.

LimitLogin is set-up through 3 different MSI installers:

LimitLoginIISSetup.msi, which installs the LimitLogin Web Service (WSLimitLogin)

LimitLoginADSetup.msi, that sets up the Active Directory changes needed for LimitLogin to work.

LimitLoginClientSetup.msi, which installs the client-side requirements for LimitLogin.


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