Windows Update Troubleshooting Tips

When you point your WinXP/W2K3 computer at the Microsoft Windows Update Web site
(same thing happens with a Windows Software Update Services, or WSUS, server). 
You try to download and install updates, and get an error:

0x800704DD and 0x80240020.

MS Knowledge Base article 910341
have lot of information can help, and it's a doozy involving the usual warnings about editing the
registry. Start by logging onto the computer as a local admin. Use
Runas.exe to run Internet Explorer as a local admin. Try Windows Update
again. If it works, then you need to fix the registry for non-admin users.
Open Regedit and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\
CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\SensLogn. You need to verify several keys
and values:

Key                Type                  Value
Asynchronous       DWORD                 00000001
Disconnect         String                SensDisconnectEvent
DLLName            String                WlNotify.dll
Impersonate        DWORD                 00000001
Lock               String                SensLockEvent
Logoff             String                SensLogoffEvent
Logon              StringSensLogonEvent  
MaxWait            DWORD                 00000258
PostShell          String                SensPostShellEvent
Reconnect          String                SensReconnectEvent
Safe               DWORD                 00000001
Shutdown           String                SensShutdownEvent
StartScreenSaver   String                SensStartScreenSaverEvent
StartShell         String                SensStartShellEvent
Startup            String                SensStartupEvent
StopScreenSaver    String                SensStopScreenSaverEvent
Unlock             String                SensUnlockEvent
This is the sort of that makes you totally lose faith in the registry
as a place to store configuration information — how did this get
messed up on my machine? The workaround, by the way (should the above
not fix the problem) is to not use the Web site. Seriously. You're
supposed to just let Automatic Updates do the work, which is fine,
except that it won't download optional updates you may want. So,
let's hope the above registry changes fixes things for you.

3 thoughts on “Windows Update Troubleshooting Tips

  1. I just reformatted with Windows XP. I ran the microsoft updates and restarted my computer. After the computer startup, I hit the button to login. A window popped up that said I needed to update Windows. I hit ‘OK’ and it started the login process. Then another window popped up and said that I had already updated Windows. I hit ‘OK’ and it logged me back out. So I hit the button to login and a window popped up that said I needed to update Windows… I can’t seem to get out of this cycle.

    Any advice, please, please let me know.

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