Problem on Vista connect to Linux

From brianwu :

I am using Vista RC1. I found a problem when i connect to my linux server. It prompted me to insert account and pw. After I keyed in the account/pw. It said that my account/password was incorrect.

However, when I was using WinXP connecting to the linux, it worked (using the same acc and pw). I tried to disable the Vista firewall, it also failed..

If i connect from the Vista to the linux using ftp, it worked.

Anyone know the problem?

My Answer:

Hi Brian. MS don't think 3rd party SMB server is safe….so….It encrypt all password send to 3rd party SMB server(linux samba).

You can try to change the local policy to solve the problem:

Configure the "Microsoft network client: Send unencrypted password to third-party SMB server" option to be ENABLE

Configure "Network security: LAN Manager authentication level: Send LM & NTLMv2 session security if negotiated"

can help!

3 thoughts on “Problem on Vista connect to Linux

  1. Same problem not able to connect to Linux shares & not able to access the machine from Vista got struck at UserName\Password

  2. I solved this problem by changing a reg key. Go to start menu and type regedit in the search bar. Once in registry editor, go to EDIT > FIND and search for LmCompatibilityLevel. Right click that key and change the value from 3 to 1. VIOLA!!!!

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