Fix Windows Vista Help and Support problem in RTM

Info from Kristan Kenney If you have been getting the dreaded “Internet Explorer cannot download / from help” error message when attempting to open Help and Support in Windows Vista, try this fix. It re-associates the .xml file type with its default settings. Once you’ve merged this into the registry, re-launch Help and Support and it should work. You can download the fix at By the way, My friends and I did not get that problem after the installation of Vista RTM and Office 07 RTM. It’s really strange!

How to get the Windows 2003 Admin Tools Working on Vista

Info from Steve Linehan   Out of the box, the Windows 2003 Adminpak tools do not run on Windows Vista. When they are loaded, MMC claims that “MMC could not create the snap-in.”. This is due to some DLLs not being registered properly. To fix this, paste the following commands into a command prompt or batch file running with elevated privileges (right click and “Run as Administrator”): regsvr32 /s adprop.dll regsvr32 /s azroles.dll regsvr32 /s azroleui.dll regsvr32 /s ccfg95.dll regsvr32 /s certadm.dll regsvr32 /s certmmc.dll regsvr32 /s certpdef.dll regsvr32 /s certtmpl.dll regsvr32 /s certxds.dll regsvr32 /s cladmwiz.dll regsvr32 /s clcfgsrv.dll … Continue reading How to get the Windows 2003 Admin Tools Working on Vista