Win7 Overview of Key Features by SKU


Key Features
Windows® 7 Starter Windows® 7 Home Basic (EM only) Windows® 7 Home Premium Windows ® 7 Professional Windows® 7 Enterprise/  Windows® 7 Ultimate
Windows® Taskbar & Jump Lists
Windows® Search
Join a HomeGroup
Windows Media® Player
Backup and Restore
Enhanced Media Playback
Action Center
Device Stage™
Home media streaming, including Play To
Bluetooth Support
Fax and Scan
Basic games including Solitaire and Minesweeper
Credentials Manager
Personalization Support  
Live Taskbar Thumbnails  
Switch between users without having to log in and out  
Connect to other PCs in your vicinity without a network access device  
Use your PC’s internet connection to allow the other PCs in your home to connect without a router  
Location and Other Sensors  
Multi Monitor Support  (screen extension)  
Windows Mobility Center (w/o presentation settings) *  
Aero®  Glass & simpler window navigation    
Aero®  Background    
Windows® Touch    
Create a HomeGroup    
Windows® Media Center    
Create and Play DVDs    
Remote Media Streaming**    
Premium games including Chess Titans and Internet Backgammon    
Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, Windows®  Journal    
Windows®  Sideshow (Auxiliary Display)    
Windows XP Mode: Run many existing Windows XP programs seamlessly in Windows 7      
Location Aware Printing      
Join a Domain & Group Policy Controls      
Remote Desktop Host      
Advanced Backup and Restore (Network & Group Policy)      
Encrypting File System      
Windows® Mobility Center* (with Presentation Mode )      
Offline Folders      
BitLocker™ & BitLocker To Go™        
Multilingual User Interface Packs        
Enterprise Search Scopes        
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Enhancements^        
Direct Boot from VHD        

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