CHanging the RAM Disk setting of WinPE

A student asked how to change the ram disk setting of WinPE, i found that you can use a batch file to do so:

The following batch file to set the ramdrive to 96MB –

@echo off

set PATHTOPE=c:\winpe_x86
imagex.exe /mountrw %PATHTOPE%\ISO\sources\boot.wim 1 %PATHTOPE%\mount

reg load HKLM\_WinPE_SYSTEM %PATHTOPE%\mount\windows\system32\config\system

reg.exe add “HKLM\_WinPE_SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\FBWF” /v “WinPECacheThreshold” /t REG_DWORD /d “96” /f

reg unload HKLM\_WinPE_SYSTEM




Edit the path to reflect the location of your WinPE files. The script will mount the contents of boot.wim via ImageX, it will then load the SYSTEM reg hive, add the relevant key, then unload the reg hive.

I’ve not tested the above script but it has been adapted from the build scripts I’ve been using for a while. Once the script has been run just build your PE CD (or USB) as normal and boot.

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