Use difference unattend file to deploy difference computer

If you want to deploy different client computers with different unattended files, you can use the following steps:





1.       Create a prestaged account for the server which you want to deploy to.


You can do this either by using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in console, or by using the WDSUTIL command-line utility as “WDSUTIL /Add-Device /Device:<name> /ID:<ID>”, where the ID is the GUID or MAC address of the computer you want to prestage.


For more details about WDSUTIL utility, please refer to:




2.       Set this computer to use a customized unattend file.


Open an elevated Command Prompt window. Run “WDSUTIL /Set-Device /Device:<name> /WDSClientUnattend:<path>” (without the quotation), where <path> is the relative path to the unattend file you want from the Remote Install shared folder.


For more details about this, please refer to:


How to Manage Client Computers:

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