Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 2)

In last post, we looked at how to do a basic export / import operation.  One thing we glossed over was the Reuse old virtual machine IDs option in the Import Virtual Machine dialog. As I mentioned, the virtual machine ID is what Hyper-V uses to uniquely identify a virtual machine. Simply put: if you are making a copy of an existing virtual machine, you want to generate a new virtual machine ID and will leave this option unchecked.  If you are moving a virtual machine, or restoring a backup copy of a virtual machine, then you will want to reuse the … Continue reading Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 2)

Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 1)

A student asked how to import/export VM in Hyper-V, i find this good article from Virtual PC Guy: ————————– Before I get going I want to get this out of the way:  Export / import in Hyper-V is by no means intuitive or easy to use.  It is definitely something that I hope we can improve in a future release – but for this release it is functional. So with that behind us, let’s start pulling this apart. If you want to move or copy a virtual machine with Hyper-V, then you will need to use the export / import … Continue reading Hyper-V – Export & Import (Part 1)