Control the computer account location of legacy Windows client

If you want the computer name to be generated automatically and the computer to be added into the specified OU, and if you don’t want to create the computer account manually in the Active Directory, you can try the following steps:

Step 1.
Open the Windows Deployment Services console, in the left pane, navigate to “Windows Deployment Services\<ServerName>” node, and right-click this node. Click Properties and then click the Directory Services tab. On this tab, you can change the computer naming format and set the location where client computer accounts will be created.

Step 2.
Configure the sysprep.inf file. At a minimum, the sysprep.inf should look like:




Put this sysprep.inf file under the path “RemoteInstall\Images\<ImageGroupName>\<ImageName>\$OEM$\$1\Sysprep” (you may need to create \<ImageName>\$OEM$\$1\Sysprep folder). Please confirm that this is the only unattend answer file that associated with the image.

For more details about this, please refer to:

Automating the Domain Join and Computer Naming:

Now, during the deployment, the computer account will be generated automatically as the settings you specified in step 1.

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