Multiple partitions hard drive for imaging

There is no straight way to capture the whole disk, including C:, D:, E:,etc., to an image file in one time, and you cannot deploy an image including multiple partitions in one time.

However, you can try the following steps and see if can work for you:

Step 1.
Sysprep your machine and then reboot into Windows PE. Capture the offline Sysprep image into .wim format and then upload the image to the WDS server. Or you can do this by a Capture Image.

Step 2.
Create a unattend answer file to automatically create and configure new volumes when you deploy the image onto computers.

For more details about this, please refer to the “Unattended Windows Setup Reference” help document included in the Windows AIK.

Step 3.
On the WDS server, in the folder “RemoteInstall\Images\<ImageGroupName>”, create a new folder with the same name as your install image. In the new created folder, create a folder named “$OEM$” (without the quotation marks). Then, in the $OEM$ folder, create subfolders with the name of drive letter.

The whole path should look like:



< ImageGroupName>

< ImageName>





Put all the files into the appropriate folder, such as put files in the volume D: into folder “$OEM$\D”.

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