Paging file management

Here re some reference for paging file in WIndows.

Steps to convert Windows Server 2008 to WIM

First of all you have to sysprep the installation of the original installation. To do this run sysprep for the following folder C:\Windows\System32\sysprep set the settings to OOBE, Generalize and Shutdown. The best for the next step is to use a capture image. Turn on the Computer which you have syspreped and boot from Network and start the caputre Image. Follow the assistant and the image is in WDS.You can refer to the following articles:

General steps to create a WDS image from a Windows PC.

You can follow the following geneal steps:1. Take a PC or VM and install all the OS and software you need and do some settings you want to do. A litte hint from my side: make a separate small formated partition on the hdd for later to temporary safe the image.2. Make a sysprep on this machine, so that the installation is neutral with no SID3. Start the master-pc/-vm from network and start the capture image 4. follow the steps from the assistant and temporarly safe the image on the separate partition. In the assistant you can say that you … Continue reading General steps to create a WDS image from a Windows PC.