Windows 8 build-in PDF reader?

When clicking on a link to a PDF file within a PDF file in Windows 8 Reader nothing happens

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a computer running Windows 8.
  • You open a PDF file with the Windows 8 Store app “Reader.”
  • You click on a link within the PDF file which links to another PDF file.

When you click on the link to another PDF, instead of the linked PDF file opening, nothing happens. This behaviour does not occur if the PDF file is opened in another PDF reader application.



Currently the Windows 8 Store app “Reader” will not have an ability to open multiple PDF files, or have multiple instances open at the same time. This is a design feature that is dependent on the Reader and the operating system. A feature change for the Reader is being investigated in a subsequent release of the product. The exact dates for the feature change have not been determined.


Seem….we still need to Acrobat Reader in Windows 8…………

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