Windows 8 "Refresh Your PC without affecting your file" option deletes your Outlook profile

Windows 8 “Refresh Your PC without affecting your file” option deletes your Outlook profile After you run the “Refresh Your PC without affecting your files” feature in Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT, the Microsoft Outlook profile is deleted, and the data files are deleted or moved. Note This feature is also known as the Push-Button Reset option. More Information In this situation, you must re-create the Outlook profile and then manually import the Outlook Data (.pst) file or files from the following locations: C:\Users\<Your User Name>\Documents\Outlook Files C:\Windows.old\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Another reference on installing Windows 8 on VHD(Boot from VHD)

Just found another article talking about it, please reference here: Copy from there(I hope Harold don’t mind my re-post):============== I have placed the imagex.exe and some VHDs that I have created (in case you don’t want to create your own) in my drop box folder so feel free to grab them. In order to perform the steps in my blog, there are a couple of things that you will need to have access to – all of which are free. I will use a deployment utility called ImageX.exe from the Windows Automated Installation kit (WAIK). Also, you will … Continue reading Another reference on installing Windows 8 on VHD(Boot from VHD)

Fixing Google Chome browser would not load any web pages in Windows XP.

If you install Google Chome browser in Windows XP and found that the Chome browser cannot load any webpages after install.You may try to add the “–no-sandbox” switch to the end of the target field inside the Chome browser shortcut. It will disable the sandbox security feature of Chome thus lower your internet security!So, use it with caution!!! Remarks: Actually, I have tried many other methods to solve this problem, but only this method work for me.

Remove hidden NIC from device manager of Windows Server 2008.

Recently, I setup VM in Hyper-Vof Windows Server 2008 R2 for classroom training use. I created a base hard disk image and a lot of differencing disks for difference VMs.However, I discover sometimes, when the differencing VM turn on, It will create another  NIC to use and hide the previous NIC. (Maybe it detect the new setup VM as difference hardware) Thus, the NIC name will be changed to “xxxxxxxx #2”. So, I decided to remove the hidden NIC so that the NIC will not be named to “xxxxxxxxx #2” or “xxxxxxxx #3″…etc. The following is the steps required before moving the … Continue reading Remove hidden NIC from device manager of Windows Server 2008.

Free Microsoft iSCSI Target

The iSCSI Target solution from MS is now free! We can use it to setup a environment to test fail-over clustering! Here are more information about this: More info: The Microsoft iSCSI Software Target has been available for production use as part of Windows Storage Server since early 2007. It has also been available for development and test use by MSDN and TechNet subscribers starting in May 2009. However, until now, there was no way to use the Microsoft iSCSI Software Target in production on a regular server running Windows Server 2008 R2. This new download offers exactly that. Now … Continue reading Free Microsoft iSCSI Target

Latest version of WSIM

The latest version of WSIM. Please download it from the following site: and also download the update for SP1: