Another reference on installing Windows 8 on VHD(Boot from VHD)

Just found another article talking about it, please reference here: Copy from there(I hope Harold don’t mind my re-post):============== I have placed the imagex.exe and some VHDs that I have created (in case you don’t want to create your own) in my drop box folder so feel free to grab them. In order to perform the steps in my blog, there are a couple of things that you will need to have access to – all of which are free. I will use a deployment utility called ImageX.exe from the Windows Automated Installation kit (WAIK). Also, you will … Continue reading Another reference on installing Windows 8 on VHD(Boot from VHD)

Will Dispersal Replace RAID?

A good article on it: From the article: For the foreseeable future dispersal will not be focused on transactional database environments, where RAID will continue to perform well and be combined with flash, for example. In these instances, multiple copies are warranted as data sets are smaller and of higher value. Dispersal will fit well with large scale applications such as social networks, medical images, certain government applications, archiving, intelligence applications and the like where storage will reach into the tens of petabytes in capacity.

Clear all the remote desktop session remotely

My best friend just asked is it possilbe to killing remote desktop session remotely. The reason for doing that was cause by my friend need to physically go back to his office and logon to the server in order to clear the connection in last weekend. For me, i will try “mstsc.exe /console” to try to remote control the console of that server and disconnect all the other remote session first.However, if this don’t work, after some research….I found the following methods: Method 1: Open CMD with admin right, then — A. Type “qwinsta /” into the window, replacing “” … Continue reading Clear all the remote desktop session remotely

Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012

A useful document blog post which talk about the virtualization in Hyper-V 3 in Windows Server 2012! 

Remove hidden NIC from device manager of Windows Server 2008.

Recently, I setup VM in Hyper-Vof Windows Server 2008 R2 for classroom training use. I created a base hard disk image and a lot of differencing disks for difference VMs.However, I discover sometimes, when the differencing VM turn on, It will create another  NIC to use and hide the previous NIC. (Maybe it detect the new setup VM as difference hardware) Thus, the NIC name will be changed to “xxxxxxxx #2”. So, I decided to remove the hidden NIC so that the NIC will not be named to “xxxxxxxxx #2” or “xxxxxxxx #3″…etc. The following is the steps required before moving the … Continue reading Remove hidden NIC from device manager of Windows Server 2008.