The best brands in the world use Microsoft

There’s a great site about Vista/Office/Exchange/etc at, and I’m almost in one of the videos there! One of the articles shows a video about Arsenal Football Club, and about five seconds in it shows a goal from a match against Aston Villa (which we won 5-0), and I was there on April 1st. There’s another goal from this match right at the end, when Thierry Henry scored an exquisite goal. Both goals were at the end that I was at, but I’m not in the camera’s view.

Simulation questions in 70-431

Earlier this year I was one of four people who wrote a bunch of simulation questions for 70-431. Today I heard from someone who has sat the exam with that content in it. It’s great to get feedback on them, because it really helps Microsoft Learning work out how to improve the exams even more. If you’re reading this and have done the exam with the simulation content, please feel free to drop me a line (rob_farley at me what you thought of them. Don’t comment on my blog, because that’s public… but feel free to send me an … Continue reading Simulation questions in 70-431

MSDN and TechNet Australia blogs

So I was at the Ready Summit this week, and was amused to see that amongst the stuff in the ‘showbag’, there were a couple of pamphlets (which I should’ve kept, scanned and showed you for entertainment value) advertising MSDN and TechNet. At the bottom of them (which is where the entertainment factor came in), there was an advert for the blogs that the Australian team run for MSDN and TechNet. The MSDN one had a link to Scott Fletcher’s AusDev blog, and the TechNet one had a link to, umm… well, it didn’t. It mentioned a blog, but didn’t … Continue reading MSDN and TechNet Australia blogs

Oh, that’s how you do Whooiz with Community Server…

When I first put the link to the bit of script to list my Whooiz Friendz, it didn’t work. It would just display as the link. Seems <script would be replaced with &lt;script – but there’s an answer! shows you how to tell Community Server to allow things like this. A quick tweak to communityserver.config (or in my case, a quick email to the ever-helpful Susan Bradley), and hey presto! So now my friendz are listed nicely. 🙂