Office 2007 RTM today, great time for a talk about it and SQL!

Office 2007 has RTM'd today, and this includes Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This is great timing, with Grant Paisley coming to Adelaide to give his talk about integrating BI and MOSS. This is a great talk, and if you're going to be in Adelaide, you should be there! Go to, and find the link. And if you can't make it in Adelaide, go to his session in Canberra instead! I heard it at the SQL Code Camp, and it's definitely worth checking out. The great thing about Office 2007 with BI stuff is that BI is all about … Continue reading Office 2007 RTM today, great time for a talk about it and SQL!

My twin’s birthday

Today is my twin brother's birthday. He's 32, poor guy. He'll probably call me later on today, which will give me the opportunity to wish him a happy birthday. But if he reads my blog, he'll see me wishing him happy birthday here. Happy Birthday, Andrew. You're getting old! Oh, I get it. ūüôĀ So, the thirty-second year is over. Felt like it took longer than half-a-minute, although in some ways it didn't. Time to reflect perhaps – I'm sick today, so maybe there's a good opportunity.

Mono = Glandular Fever

Tomorrow I get birthday presents and blood test results. I'm sick at the moment, have been for more than a few days. Today I had blood taken out, which is being tested for glandular fever. I told an American friend of mine (in Phoenix), and he said "What's that?" Turns out that it's what Americans call 'mono'. I never knew that! I knew there was a thing that Americans called mono, but I didn't know it was glandular fever. I'm not sure whether the news would be good or not. I guess it depends on what they can do about … Continue reading Mono = Glandular Fever

My brother, the Hawk

Well, he's training with them at least. I heard a few weeks ago that Jonathan had been invited to train with Hawthorn (the Aussie Rules side). And today my Hawthorn-supporting friend Ryan has dropped me a line showing me an article on the AFL site which lists him. The funny thing is that they've spelled both his names wrong. They've put Jonathon instead of Jonathan, and Wynne instead of Wynn. He's a half brother, 12 years younger than me, which is why we don't share the same surname. There's no guarantee he'll actually become a Hawk. Apparently he'll be in … Continue reading My brother, the Hawk