Topics for coffee meetings

Nick Randolph made an interesting point. But first let me say that it’s great that the Perth .Net group are doing this at all. It’s a great move to develop a stronger community, and one that I would love to see happen in Adelaide some time. My problem with organising something like this is that I’m not in the city often enough, but I will try to encourage other people in the Adelaide user-groups to set up something like this. Back to Nick’s point though… In case you’ve just read through his post and are wondering what I’m talking about, … Continue reading Topics for coffee meetings

Paul Turner

Paul Turner is an Adelaide guy I know well. He’s been a trainer at Kaz for quite a while, is on the local ACS executive committee with me and has been involved in the local .Net user-group too. He’s had a couple of major lifestyle changes in the last couple of weeks. Most significantly, he’s become a father, but also he’s become a Readifarian (and word is getting out!). All very cool, and Paul is justified in being excited. I think the two changes will work hand-in-hand very nicely, as Readify will probably have him doing a lot of his … Continue reading Paul Turner

Scripting database objects a different way

Sometimes you want to make changes to your SQL Server objects (like tables, indexes, whatever), and you figure that it will be worth recreating them with a different set of options. One way of doing this is to generate a script, and then use a text manipulator to change the script in a way that will make it just what you want. But I quite like querying the object catalog views – you know, those tables like sys.objects. Here’s an example of a script which will generate a create statement for each of the clustered indexes on user-tables in my … Continue reading Scripting database objects a different way

Coffee and Community

It’s amazing how coffee can be conducive to community. Community is about sharing, it’s about developing passion and enthusiasm, it’s about friendship. And coffee is too. The age-old invite – “Let’s do coffee” – is a great way to sit down with someone. It’s cheaper and less formal than lunch, and it doesn’t stop you driving home like beer would. I think it’s really exciting that the Perth .Net Community of Practice (mainly Nick Randolph, Alastair Waddell and Mitch Wheat) have set up a weekly cafe catch-up. More about it here. Mauricio Freitas has often written about the group of … Continue reading Coffee and Community

Get SQL2005 SP2 today!

Here’s the link: There are so many cool things about SP2. It’s not just about bug-fixes, there are new add-ins for Office and SharePoint, and a few Feature Pack of goodies! Definitely worth checking out.