Sidebar monitoring of SQL databases

A while back I discussed using the Windows Vista Sidebar to display useful information about applications. This led to other conversations, including one with fellow SQL MVP (and Leeds United fan – sorry to hear about the 15 points, mate) Jamie Thomson about monitoring important SQL database statistics using sidebar gadgets. I didn’t give it much thought, because I still had my PowerGadgets solution in place, monitoring all kinds of things based on my own queries. (Personally, I like using ‘union all’ queries. This lets me get a nice collection of numbers for showing in a graph. But I also find that I can easily have a number produced for displaying in a gauge.)

But Jamie has taken this further, and produced a Sidebar gadget to monitor various database statistics. It doesn’t use PowerGadgets, so it’s completely free. You can grab it from his blog at, or the original version from Great work, Jamie!

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