Time-zone change less of an issue with SQL Server 2008

Today the clocks went forward in most parts of Australia. And in the UK, clocks went back. I spoke to my grandmother in the UK last night – my grandfather turned 83, but he wasn’t well enough to speak. And I imagine that in both locations, the fact that there was either an hour that didn’t happen or an hour that got repeated could potentially have caused issues whenever the time of an event was recorded. In SQL Server 2008 though, there is a new data type called datetimeoffset. This data type stores the date and time, but also includes … Continue reading Time-zone change less of an issue with SQL Server 2008


Paul Stovell is just too smart. About six weeks ago I heard a presentation of his at the Adelaide .Net User Group, and he mentioned that SyncLINQ was coming. A couple of weeks ago he sent me a movie that he’d put together, saying “Don’t blog about this yet, but…” Since then I’ve told a good handful of people about this, but now I’m blogging too. The idea behind SyncLINQ comes from the fact that Paul writes LINQ queries, but being into data binding in a big way, he was getting frustrated at the fact that changes to the underlying … Continue reading SyncLINQ

The best way to pass a Microsoft certification exam

For a limited time only, Microsoft are giving you the chance to have a second shot at any IT professional, developer or Microsoft Dynamics exam. Brilliant! The way this works (and the way I encourage all my students to do this) is that if you register for this offer and then take an exam, you can take it again some time later for free. Yes, free. So now let me ask you – which one are you paying for? The first one, or the second one? It may feel like you’re paying for the first one, but don’t be fooled. … Continue reading The best way to pass a Microsoft certification exam

SQL Down Under talks, and England wins

This weekend is getting better and better. With England winning in both the football and the rugby, my mood is pretty good anyway – despite having to give the first presentation of Sunday morning at the SQL Down Under Code Camp. The local TV channel sent cameras just after I finished, so I think I managed to avoid having my presentation on the local news. At least, I hope they came just after I finished… otherwise I didn’t notice them lurking in the corner. I taught the crowd about MERGE & Table-Valued Parameters, and got good feedback from various members … Continue reading SQL Down Under talks, and England wins