Guide for new Report Builder users

“They’ll probably still just ask me for their reports…” I hear students say when I teach them about Report Builder in SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS). It’s a reasonable fear. Their managers have always asked them for reports. Sometimes they just ask for data and then manipulate it in Excel to make it look the way they want – but on the whole, the way it’s done is to send a request to the developers, asking for a new report. And Report Builder should change that. After all, you’ve just spend time putting together the perfect model for it … Continue reading Guide for new Report Builder users

My trip to Perth

I was in Perth last week, teaching a private course. The course went well, but best of all, I got to meet a good Perth-based friend of mine for the first time. I’ve known Mitch Wheat for ages online, but he’s always just been on the other end of the wire. Now I know what he looks like! It was great getting to see Perth. The students I had were a great bunch of people, and I got to meet members of the SQL Server User Group when I spoke there on Tuesday night. I presented about ranking functions and … Continue reading My trip to Perth

Welcome, Charlotte

In the early hours of Monday morning (Dec 10th), I was in Melbourne, ready to teach a course in the morning. I made it back in time to help my new daughter Charlotte into the world, but this is what I wrote from the airport: “Welcome to the world, my daughter. I’m writing this from Melbourne Airport. Your mum called me a little while ago to tell me her waters had broken, but this is nine days early, and I was expecting to teach a course today. Ironically, the course was going to be on SSIS – about moving information … Continue reading Welcome, Charlotte