Transfer SQL Server Objects Task internals

How often do you wonder what something’s actually doing under the hood (in the way that it talks to SQL Server)? It’s a trick I’ve written about before – when working out how SSRS did multivalue parameters. This time, it’s Integration Services’ turn. SSIS has this Transfer SQL Server Object task, designed to be able to transfer objects like tables from one database to another. But Ali got in touch saying that it wasn’t transferring the default constraints for his table – that thing which means that the current date, 0 or ‘dbo’ gets populated in the field when you … Continue reading Transfer SQL Server Objects Task internals

SQL Server 2008 CTP6 gives you PowerShell

The sixth CTP of SQL Server 2008, made available this past week at provides a PowerShell provider for SQL Server, which is backwards compatible with SQL Server 2005 as well. I showed it a little at the User Group in Melbourne a few days ago, and some people seemed to like it. Basically, you can now open up PowerShell, and change directory to the PowerShell drive “SQL:”. Then change directories through the instances, databases, tables, and so on. At any point, try something like “dir | gm” (gm is Get-Member, dir is an alias for Get-ChildItem), to find out … Continue reading SQL Server 2008 CTP6 gives you PowerShell