Jamie’s SQLMesh

Jamie Thomson is a useful guy. He’s a SQL MVP, generally considered one of the world’s authorities in Integration Services (SSIS), but also very keen on the Live space. So it makes sense that he’s now combining the two – he’s gone and created a Code Repository on Live Mesh. Seems very useful, and I’m feeling like I need to keep my eyes open for things that I think are worthy of upload. Why not do the same? The more people involved (currently it’s about 40), the stronger the repository will be! Check out Jamie’s post to learn more, and … Continue reading Jamie’s SQLMesh

Running a user-group meeting on a hot day

It’s 44C here today in Adelaide. Yesterday made it to 43.2C, and my lunchtime session of the Adelaide SQL Server User Group had its lowest attendance for a long time. There were a few influencing factors which I will need to learn from: 1. The heat. When the forecast says 41C and you’re hoping that people will leave their air-conditioned offices to come to a meeting (albeit in another air-conditioned office), you’re probably hoping for a miracle. Mind you – I’d happily be there today. I’m waiting for a plumber before I can turn my the water back on after … Continue reading Running a user-group meeting on a hot day