Non-Administrators couldn’t log in, and Admins couldn’t Run As Admin

One of the Windows 7 machines in my house had a problem recently. Non-admins couldn’t log in, and there was a message saying that the System Event Notification Service wasn’t running. I could log in as admin, but couldn’t escalate to run things as Administrator. The error “The system could not find the environment option that was entered” would appear. The standard web searches weren’t my friend, but I eventually found that if I started in Safe Mode, I could run a Command Prompt as Administrator and disable UAC. Then I could log in as me (with admin privileges), and … Continue reading Non-Administrators couldn’t log in, and Admins couldn’t Run As Admin

Book review: Windows 7 Inside Out

Perhaps it’s because I keep finding new things about Windows 7 that I really like… Today’s one was that you can drag the top (or bottom) edge of a window to the edge of a screen and have that window fill the screen vertically, but keeping the left and right edges still (great for when you don’t want it maximised, or docked to the left or right). Another favourite of mine is that you can Shift+Right-click on a file and see “Copy as Path”, which is great when you want to paste the full path into a textbox, or PowerShell, … Continue reading Book review: Windows 7 Inside Out

Book review: Programming Dynamics CRM 4.0

I don’t consider myself really in the Dynamics CRM space. My area is SQL Server. Currently I’m spending most of my time in the Business Intelligence space, with plenty of stuff with relational databases as well. But that didn’t stop me from picking up a CRM book recently. Jim Steiger’s Programming Dynamics CRM 4.0 was the book in question, and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to be very comprehensive, and well written as well. I can’t say that I tried all the examples – that would be lying, but I do feel that I have a much better understanding … Continue reading Book review: Programming Dynamics CRM 4.0

A Tripp to Melbourne?

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been to Melbourne (although I did pass through the airport there on my way back from Wagga). I don’t know when I’ll be there next, but I have felt tempted to try to get there this week. Partly it’s because my mum is about to turn sixty, but also because my friends Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal are in Australia this week, and speaking at the Melbourne SQL Server User Group tomorrow night. I won’t be there, but if you’re going to be in Melbourne, then make sure you register and … Continue reading A Tripp to Melbourne?