Darryl Burling’s podcast

Seems strange to write about this, as NZ Product Manager for SharePoint, SQL Server, BizTalk and Visual Studio Darryl Burling has just announced that he’s leaving the SQL, BizTalk and Visual Studio products, replacing them with Exchange Server and Microsoft Online Services instead. A few weeks ago he started a podcast about the areas that interest him, and has done shows interesting shows about SharePoint, SQL and BizTalk so far. He’s even done one about Office Online, which I haven’t checked out yet. Darryl comes from a technical background, having moved to the Product Manager role out of the Developer … Continue reading Darryl Burling’s podcast

Ok, who didn’t get an Acer laptop?

I was just looking at the list of some of the people who got these things. In no particular order: Robert Scoble, Craig Pringle, Mitch Denny, Brandon LeBlanc, Scott Beale, Joey deVilla, Mauricio Freitas, plus a heap of others I’m sure. Naturally I went to Wally McClure‘s blog, expecting to see that he got one too, but no! Jay Furr, a friend of mine who was very much an A-list tech-community person way back also missed out. Jay is famous for being the person who first called unsolicited email ‘spam’. Presumably anyone who’s employed by Microsoft is ineligible, so maybe His … Continue reading Ok, who didn’t get an Acer laptop?

Darren & James’ podcast

Adelaide’s stock is increasing again. 🙂 Darren Neimke and James Chapman-Smith have started a podcast about user-experience. The pilot can be downloaded from Darren’s blog. It’s really quite good too! It goes for just 15 minutes, and I’m trying to encourage them to leave it that short. Shorter podcasts can be listened to when you don’t have time for an hour-long one. They can be archived more easily. You can fit them on a device with less free space (I’m soon upgrading my 1GB SD Card to a 2GB largely because of podcasts). And you can find stuff in them … Continue reading Darren & James’ podcast

I’m on the MS Developer Podcast

I'm listening to myself right now on the The Microsoft Developer Show from The Podcast Network, being interviewed about certification. The link is http://msdev.thepodcastnetwork.com/2006/10/10/the-microsoft-developer-show-9-certification I do talk too fast – that's a pain. I really need to work on that, especially if it's being recorded for a podcast. I don't talk so fast on the ones that I record myself (but they're not technical, and I'm just talking to myself, not to someone like Nick). The show notes scare me a little. I see a mention of Dave Lemphers at 4:01. I like Dave a lot – great guy. When … Continue reading I’m on the MS Developer Podcast