Jamie’s SQLMesh

Jamie Thomson is a useful guy. He’s a SQL MVP, generally considered one of the world’s authorities in Integration Services (SSIS), but also very keen on the Live space. So it makes sense that he’s now combining the two – he’s gone and created a Code Repository on Live Mesh. Seems very useful, and I’m feeling like I need to keep my eyes open for things that I think are worthy of upload. Why not do the same? The more people involved (currently it’s about 40), the stronger the repository will be! Check out Jamie’s post to learn more, and … Continue reading Jamie’s SQLMesh

Cricket gadget

Being English, I’m finding this Ashes series quite depressing. I updated the Wikipedia site to say that Australia had won the series 3-0, but took no joy in doing so. It’s not often you get to update Wikipedia with information about a live event – but this time I did. I’ve been following the cricket by either listening to the radio, watching a TV-stream, or keeping half an eye on the cricinfo site which updates the score in the title of a browser window. Doesn’t work so well now that tabbed browsing is all the rage, but it’s still useful. … Continue reading Cricket gadget

Whooiz my Friendz?

Observant people will have noticed a friend-list appear on the side of my blog. Changing my blog around is way overdue for me. I need to take a few hours out some time and work on the CSS. I still don’t have all the useful stuff that I had at my old blog site. One of those is a friend-list. I’ve never actually been a fan of friend-lists. I hate the idea of missing people out. And I think that’s where Whooiz can come in. Whooiz is a start-up by Clarke (I want to call him Monkey, but I won’t) … Continue reading Whooiz my Friendz?

Seattle in Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)

Ok, so there aren’t many cities available in Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) yet, but it’s still very cool. I did some moving around Seattle, and quite easily found the standard shot of the Space Needle with the city and Mount Rainier in the background. You can see it at http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=47.618049~-122.346581&style=h&lvl=19&tilt=-17.5733726439434&dir=156.518344228474&alt=251.429188030772 Now, wouldn’t this be even better if it could detect some photos that people had taken of it, and place a Photosynth-style picture on top of this? Keep the street labels and stuff like that, so that you can actually see what’s going on, but use the ‘hybrid’ concept to … Continue reading Seattle in Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)